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Espresso Blend

Our delicious blend is a modern take on traditional espresso coffee. Whether drunk as a traditional Italian espresso, cappuccino, macchiato or latte; our blend promises to be enjoyed and appreciated by coffee lovers at any time of day or evening.

Taste profile: When drunk as an espresso or macchiato, this smooth, chocolaty, dark roast has just the right amount of acidity to give depth and produce an unadulterated taste of Italy. The crema flows to a rich golden dark colour which lasts and lasts to the bottom of the cup. The blended milk drinks of cappuccino and latte retain the full, rich chocolaty flavour ensuring the ultimate coffee experience.

Lusso Blend

Our luxury blend has an intensely fruity flavour, somewhat tangy with a luscious wine-like flavour. This light roast coffee is expertly balanced.

100% Arabica

Our delectable 100% Arabica coffee is smooth and sweet, with sugary floral undertones.


Our decaffeinated coffee is water processed to remove the caffeine. This ensures our coffee retains its full flavor without the unpleasant chemical aftertaste. Many have been fooled to believe this is a standard caffeine coffee.
Decaffeinated coffee is available in beans or pre-ground 500g bags.

Filter Coffee

Mountain Blend is a full bodied coffee with a nutty taste and a lasing smooth finish.
Columbian Blend is a medium bodied, well-balanced and bright coffee.

All our blends are available in 500g pre-ground bags

Other Products

  • Van Houten and Zuma hot chocolate
  • Sweetbird syrups in a variety of flavours
  • Sugar & sweetener sachets
  • Stirrers
  • Takeaway cups
  • Branded chinaware
  • Cleaning kits
  • Frothing jugs
  • Thermometers

Our Coffee Origin

Our coffee is ethically produced on La Verona farm in Nicaragua. The coffee beans grown and harvested at La Verona was selected in the list of the twenty best coffees in Nicaragua from the 2018/2019 harvest. This spectacular farm is situated on sixty-one hectares of forest land at an average altitude of 1150m. This ideal location allows the coffee beans to be farmed under shade utilizing agroforestry systems.

Thirty-five percent of the farmland is protected and is located in the National Natural Reserve El Arenal. In this foggy mountainous area several water springs exist, which provide drinking water to the community of Escaleras, in North Yasica. The water production in the mountainous area of ​​the farm is abundant and feeds into the basin of the Yasica River.

The forest area of ​​the farm is a home to an incredible diversity of fauna and flora. A variety of impressive wild animals have been spotted on the farm: from deer and boar to jaguar and even on occasion, black panthers have been seen. The bird life is a real pleasure to behold, most notably the three-wattled bellbird and the quetzal.

Maria Felicitas Mairena is the present owner of La Verona farm. She comes from a family with a long coffee history. La Verona was acquired from her ancestors in the 1920s. The Verona farm was one of the first farms that exported its coffee under the concept of Estate Coffee to the Italian city Verona between the years 1950 -1960. In 1983 the farm was unfairly expropriated by the Sandinista Regime. Fortunately, President Violeta Chamorro returned the farm to the Mairena’s Family in 1996. At that time the finca was in a terribly neglected and desolate condition and had to be completely rebuilt.

As well as owning La Verona, Maria is also the owner of the neighbouring farm: San Antonio. Maria and her family believe strongly in the importance of community and education for all. She has built a local school for young children on San Antonio farm. Children from both farms are encouraged to attend school there. The school is also serves as a recreational area for the community and offers adult education.

The varieties of coffee on the farm are: Caturra, Catuaí red, Catuaí yellow, Castilla, Colombia, Marseillaise, Obata and Parainema.

coffee plantation baskets of coffee beans coffee farmers

Traditional Espresso Machines

We specialise in supplying carefully selected brands such as La Dora Italian coffee machines and Jura bean to cup machines.

Other Machinery
  • Grinders
  • Blenders

We also sell refurbished traditional coffee machines.

Equipment is available to purchase outright, on rental as well as on a monthly installment plan.

Link to La Dora Coffee Machines Brochure
Traditional Espresso Machines

8B 583

From £2,400

GP 4061




MR 4634

From £4,000

Coffee machine repair

Engineering & Servicing

With over twenty years experience in servicing a wide range of traditional coffee machines, you need look no further for regular maintenance, emergency repairs and full workshop de-scales. As well as boiler safety inspections, we also provide and install water filters. We know how important your coffee machine is to you so if it is irrepairable loan equipment is always available to keep you serving coffee.

Having spent time training in Italy and Spain on an extensive range of traditional coffee machines, no machine is too big or too small. We pride ourselves on being of the best coffee engineers in the UK.

Barista Training

We provide personalised barista training sessions tailored to your needs and set at a pace that suits you.
This can be done individually or with a small group. The aim is to equip you and your staff with the skills to making the ultimate coffee.

Our training includes:

  • Setting up a coffee grinder
  • Espresso and Americano
  • Milk steaming to perfection
  • Cappuccino, latte, macchiato
  • Hot chocolate
  • Latte art for beginners
  • Cleaning and maintenance
Barista Training